The Best Beaches in the World

The Best Beaches in the World
If you ask beach enthusiasts to name favorite beaches, you'll discover varying answers. Fortunately, the planet is covered in seas, oceans, and lakes, so there's a beach to indulge your whim. Narrowing down the best beaches worldwide isn't easy.

After all, every corner of the planet from North America where broad public expanses flank the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, to the Southern Hemisphere, which features more exotic and intimate sands, has an extensive range of beautiful beaches. Nevertheless, some are more memorable and photogenic than others. Here's our list of the best beaches.

Grace Bay-Caicos and Turks

The turquoise water and the pure white sand of the renowned bay on Providenciales are so magnificent that several resorts have opened there over the last decades.  The 3-mile ribbon of sand has made it a popular tourist destination for those seeking upscale relaxation. You can visit the beach year-round and while there, you'll enjoy ample water sports and chic restaurants.

Baia do Sancho-Brazil

The ever-popular beach on the east coast of Brazil has gained recognition as one of the most stunning beaches worldwide. While there, you'll enjoy cerulean waters, diving, and golden sands.

Varadero Beach-Cuba

You'll find Varadero's powdery sands appealing and you can embark on a day's adventure, exploring the caves and forests. You'll enjoy kite-surfing and the calm waves as well.

Eagle Beach-Aruba

Eagle Beach is in Aruba-an island rich in culture and history. Water sports enthusiasts frequent the idyllic beach, which features turquoise waters and white sands. While there, you can check into some of the neighboring hotels like Barceló Aruba; the hotels have varying prices starting from £189.