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The Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

The Best CRM Software for Small Businesses
CRM software comprises of pre-packed inbuilt features that allow small businesses owners to collect, process, and analyze useful data coming from phone calls, social media platforms, and emails.

With CRM software’s, you can easily extract useful data that can be used to carry out sales campaigns and for sales opportunities analysis. CRM software adds many benefits to bloggers and online marketers such as increasing sales and reinforcing data security.

CRM Tools to Consider

Pipedrive software

Pipedrive is undoubtedly one of the top-ranked CRM-providers in the internet and online marketing industry. This software is easy to use and to customize. Pipedrive is highly recommended for sales-focused environments.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is free CRM software that comprises of pre-packed features to analyze your data. With HubSpot, you can quickly create comprehensive contact profiles and manage all the corporate activities efficiently.

HubSpot CRM software is compatible with operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices. Regardless your set budget, you can afford this software that comprises of no restrictions.

Insightly software

Insightly CRM software is widely used for complete tasks such as workflow automation, advanced data management, and contacts management. If you are working on building relationships, delivering projects, meeting enterprise-grade prerequisites, and accelerating sales, Insightly is the best service provider to consider.

If you are using an extensible platform, you don’t have to panic. This software easily integrates with several applications for an extensible platform.

Freshsales CRM software

Freshsales is one of the widely used CRM software that helps small businesses owners control and manage leads. Freshsales is affordable and flexible to handle all your leads generation projects. With Freshsales, you can track and sort deals, distinguish bestsellers, and identify trends in the market.

Factors to consider 

Before you decide on the CRM software to work with, consider checking the following factors;
Google AdWord integration
Dashboard customization options