The new Toyota C-HR: Overview and Features

The new Toyota C-HR: Overview and Features
Overview of features Toyota C-HR. Get to know prices for Toyota C-HR and find out what you can expect from Toyota C-HR 2019.

Toyota C-HR: the news

The most impressive thing about the new Toyota C-HR 2019 is that it comes with a lot of standard safety features. It's also got a good predicted reliability rating. However many of the C-HR models are not spacious in the back seats or the cargo area. Let's look at this in more detail.

For 2019, the Toyota C-HR has several new features including new trims, standard Apple CarPlay, navigation and satellite radio system and a larger touchscreen.

Pros and Cons

The features Toyota C-HR may be impressive but there are still cons as well as pros to consider.


  • Safety technology of a high standard

  • Easy handling

  • Impressive predicted reliability rating


  • Limited space in the rear and cargo area

  • Slow acceleration

  • Noisy when accelerating

If you are thinking of buying the Toyota C-HR, you need to take these pros and cons into account.


There are various C-HR models to choose from including the Toyota C-HR XLE, the Toyota C-HR LE and the Toyota Limited. There is no option for all wheel drive in any of these models.

The base price for a Toyota C-HR 2019 is $20,945. The base price for the XLE trim is $22,980. If you want to go more upmarket, the base price for the Limited trim is $26,000.


If you are looking to buy the Toyota C-HR 2019 you will benefit from some excellent safety features. However you need to be aware that there is a lack of space in the back seats and the cargo area. It's also worth noting that the acceleration in this car is less than impressive. However this is a vehicle with a good predicted reliability rating.