The Top 5 Kitchen Trends

The Top 5 Kitchen Trends
The times have changed; the kitchen is no longer the room tucked away where food is prepared and dishes are washed. Instead, many see their kitchen as the main focal point and somewhere for the family or friends to sit together. Due to this, there have been some amazing changes and trends for kitchens and below are our top 5 picks.

Clean Colors, Clean Look

There are 3 popular color choices for kitchens in 2018. These are white, grey and black. White seems to be the all-time favorite due to its super clean look and how it can brighten the kitchen. However, grays and black have started to increase in popularity and it’s a great look.

Single Level Kitchen Islands

No doubt you have friends and family who now have kitchen islands. They look great, change the style and can be multi-purpose. Use it to prepare food, wipe it over and eat dinner on it with friends and family. On top of that, the island will give you more storage space with extra cupboards.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz seems to have stuck and is still a big kitchen trend in 2018. It looks stunning, can really compliment the other colors in the room and not only that, but it can pretty much last forever. Other reasons people love quartz counter tops are how easy they are to clean and quartz is actually anti-microbial.

Smart Kitchens

Tech is booming right now and more and more smart technology is being made. Better yet, kitchen tech is being made. That’s right, you can get smart technology for your kitchen! Want your coffee machine to make you a coffee to wake up to, you can do it. Voice activated lights, smart fridges, phone controllable appliances. You name it, it is either already out there, or will be soon.

Polished Finishes

Polished silver looks great. It always has done and it still seems to be a trend in 2018. Polished drawer handles, polished taps, shelf brackets and more. Not only does it look great, but it’s easy to clean and won’t ever look old.