The top BMW Sedan for 2018

The top BMW Sedan for 2018
BMW fan are you? Today we’re going to show you the best sedan models from BMW in 2018.

1. The 3 series

This has long been the staple and benchmark for high end sedans. Though there are many other models to choose from these days, the quality of the 3 series has been maintained in the newer models. Current models are getting more eco-friendly too, with an EPA rating of 23mpg in the city, and 34mpg on the highway. They’ve also kept true to the power of the series, seeing as all sedans in this range averaged a little over 5 seconds on 0-60 times. Not to mention, they’re chalked full of extras. Most of the models are in the 30-40k range.

2. The 7 series

Going up the ladder a little, the 7 series is another great staple in the BMW line-up. Going for more of a sleek and quiet ride as opposed to luxury, the cabin is built to be as streamlined as possible. This doesn’t mean a lack of features, as options range from the premium iDrive entertainment system, massage capabilities in the seats, and much more. Base models come fixed with a 320 horsepower v6, though there are upgradable options available. The 7 series starts in the 80k range.

3. The M3

As far as performance and features go, you can’t find a better BMW sedan than the M3. It houses a twin turbo v6 that pushes out 425 horsepower, and goes from 0-60 in an extremely short 4 seconds. Keep in mind, this is just the base version, as upgraded options are available. Of course, there is a slight drawback in the gas mileage department, as it gets 17 mpg city and 24 mpg highway. But hey, for the unrivaled performance and comfort, it’s worth it. The new M3 models start in the high 60k range.