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Things to Know About DNA Testing Kits

Things to Know About DNA Testing Kits
The search for your identity-your origins, what you're made of is a uniting experience and peoples' collective fascination with themselves as individuals has fueled a thriving industry around DNA testing. Over 12 million have tested their DNA using services such as Ancestry DNA and this figure is expected to increase in the subsequent few years. Here's what you should know about DNA testing kits.

Testing is Simple

You typically need to gather some saliva or swab your cheek's inside before sealing the sample in a container and mail it to the laboratory in a box or pre-labeled envelope. Most kits are comparatively affordable.

Kits from leaders such as AncestryDNA and Living DNA range from $69-$199. In some instances, the generic reports you wish to receive determine the price.

Accuracy can differ depending on testing methods

Since numerous major companies use comparable techniques, their precision might be equivalent. However, not all standards meet similar standards. You must avoid companies that provide dubious predictions regarding your optimal diet or the kind of sports you will be good at.

DNA can disclose genetic links but information is limited on some populations

Companies use different techniques to establish ancestry, but the tests typically entail the comparison of your DNA to reference DNA intended to signify populations from various geographical regions. The tests can't guarantee where your ancestors actually resided-they can't contrast your data to DNA from individuals who lived centuries ago.

DNA testing kits have increasingly become popular over the last years and the variety of kits from which to choose can be overwhelming. If you're unfamiliar about these kits, this guide reveals important information.