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Top 3 Doctoral Degrees Programs Online

Top 3 Doctoral Degrees Programs Online
The decision whether to pursue a doctoral degree isn't an easy one; the pursuit needs a commitment of energy and time unparalleled in educational settings. However, the advantages-both personal and practical, are numerous.

Numerous policymakers and educators perceive online education as the wave of the future. Yet, graduates of doctoral programs frequently struggle to convert their educational training into steady employment. This is particularly true for recipients who vie for tenure-track positions.

While there are numerous fields where locating a doctorate-level job is hard, a few provide plentiful supply. Here's a list of the top doctoral programs.

Physical Therapy

The number of jobs accessible to physical therapists, who require a doctorate in physical therapy is increasing faster than average, according to the Bureau Labor of Statistics (BLS). The bureau forecasted 34% employment growth in this profession between 2014 and 2024.

The aging population in the United States and the mobility problems faced by geriatric adults are driving this growth according to experts.


Forecasts from the BLS signify that there will be a rapidly growing number of employment opportunities for doctorate graduates.

The bureau predicts that the number of superior practice nursing jobs will increase 31% between 2014 and 2024 and the number of jobs in academic nursing will increase 19% in comparison to a 7% average among all American occupations.

Criminal Justice

Experts assert that contentious debates regarding criminal justice reform, terrorism, and cybersecurity have led to an abundance of job opportunities for graduates of this doctorate program.

A doctoral degree needs considerable time, discipline, and patience to complete and only a few professions actually need it. Whatever your ultimate goal of pursuing this program, it's important you search for the right one. Fortunately, this list offers a good reference point if you don't know where to start.