Top 5 Essentials for Traveling Abroad

Top 5 Essentials for Traveling Abroad
When planning a trip abroad, it's imperative to carry essentials to help you enjoy your stay. These could be clothes, cameras, hygiene products and just about anything you can't afford to leave behind. Some items, however, are a must carry and should come first in your packing list. In this article, I will share 5 top essentials of traveling abroad.


There's no traveling without your documents, which I must say should be carried in two copies, or safer still, leave a copy with someone you trust, preferably a family member. These include:

Passport. Since you are traveling abroad, a passport is a must have for you to be allowed to board the plane.
Visa. Carry this to be allowed to enter the country of destination.
Travel insurance documents.
International Driver's License if you intend to drive yourself around in your country of destination.
Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with a family member and carry one for yourself.


You are going to need money for various things and activities during your trip. I advise you carry some cash in addition to your planned budget and also find out about the currency and exchange rates in the country you are traveling to. You need to understand how you can withdraw money from your bank account.


Don't forget to pack any form of medication you are using in your travel pack.

Chargers and power banks

These play an integral part in our lives as we depend on our electronic gadgets in many transactions. You need to carry these for your phone(s), cameras and any other devices you are taking with you. Also, check out the universal plug shapes and voltages in the country of destination to determine if you need a power converter.

Prepare your house

You need to leave your home in excellent condition when going to another country. Apart from leaving the house clean, you could contact the post office to hold your mail until you get back, stop newspaper delivery, turn off appliances and pre-pay bills. For extra security, you can leave the key with someone you completely trust.