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Top 5 Exercises to Stay Healthy

Top 5 Exercises to Stay Healthy
There are various exercises that many people perform, all with the aim of achieving the best results health-wise and also the perfect body. Some can be done at home while others are better done at a gym. Many exercises have been rated best for overall fitness, and the following are five of the best that can be done at home or at your gym.

Kegel exercises

One of the best approaches to attaining overall fitness should start with good pelvic floor health. This is where Kegel exercises come in, they involve squeezing specific pelvic floor muscles and holding the contractions for a few seconds and then releasing, repeating the routine at least five times a day.


This is the simplest exercise by far, and very beneficial to your overall health. Assigning a few minutes daily for walking can help improve your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, memory, mood etc.


Not only does swimming help you tone up, it is also a fun activity to improve your mental state and also relieve joint pain and arthritis.

Strength training

Preferably at the gym if you ask me, there's no easier way of burning calories than using your own muscles. Start lightly and keep adding weight to lift for better results.

Tai Chi

This Chinese martial art is good for your mental health and balance. Beneficial for your overall health, tai chi can be easily learnt once you enroll for classes.

These exercises are proven as most beneficial for your general health and can be incorporated into other routines you do at the gym. Gym membership is generally affordable in the country, with average monthly membership fees at $54. Enrolling in a gym is a good way of keeping fit both physically and health-wise. Exercising at a gym not only helps with advice from an instructor, it also psyches you to work out with other people hence achieving your desired results easier.