Top 5 Languages to Learn for Business

Top 5 Languages to Learn for Business
Although English is the most broadly used language for academia, business, and tourism, speaking merely English is a huge disadvantage in the world of business, which is more globalized and competitive than ever.
On the other hand, being multilingual can be highly useful in the world of business, placing you ahead of the competitive curve. While thriving in the business world might be your ultimate objective for learning a new language, perhaps you're uncertain of where to begin. If so, here's a list of the top languages to learn for business.


The prominence of Spanish in Europe and the Americas has made Spanish one of the most spoken languages with more than 420 million native speakers and an increasing number of non-native speakers. Actually, the U.S. has been cited as the second biggest Spanish-speaking country worldwide, only after Mexico.

The language is especially useful in the fields of management and mass media to communicate with the increasing number of Latin employees and communities.

Bear in mind that more companies worldwide are conducting business with Latin America and it would be disappointing to miss out merely because you don’t speak the language.


This remains the number one business language. With financial powerhouses such as the U.S., Australia, and U.K., English remains a critical language. In numerous countries, it's the primary foreign language and the official language of numerous leading organizations worldwide. Therefore, English is a significant language for businesses to thrive globally.


This language is the most widely spoken in China-the country with the 2nd largest economy worldwide. Keep in mind that Chinese investors are spreading throughout the globe and Chinese companies are hungry for development.

Moreover, Mandarin is a major language in Taiwan and Singapore. Being able to conduct business in countries of such high standing must be a huge part of your decision to learn the language.


Japan is known for the people's prosperous lifestyle and technology. With 129 million speakers situated primarily in Japan, it's one of the most technologically advanced nations worldwide. Due to its involvement in various sectors globally, Japanese is a significant language.


With almost 300 native speakers, this is one of the most spoken languages worldwide and your gateway to a region where numerous businessmen merely speak Arabic. Moreover, investments from the Arabic world have played a vital role in European markets, particularly after the debt crisis.

Learning this language could give you the competitive edge numerous employers are seeking. Like Chinese, it's one of the most challenging languages to learn, making it especially rewarding and impressive.

Whether you hope to run a business, enhance your international relations, or work abroad, consider learning any of these languages for a competitive edge.