Top hotels, restaurants, shows, clubs and bars in Vegas

Top hotels, restaurants, shows, clubs and bars in Vegas
If you are planning a trip within the States, there is a good chance you are headed to the city of lights – Las Vegas. Here are some of the best places to stay and things to do in the city.

Hotels – The top  three hotels with the more interesting experiences are as follows:

The Circus Circus hotel, with a full sized theme park of the roof.

The Bellagio, a hotel that has had several movies based upon it and that screams elegance.

The Flamino, still offering 1940's décor and dancing girls on the hotel floor.

For restaurants, Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen is the most interesting restaurant in the city. Another dining option is Caesars Palace, which always has amazing resident acts that offer hundreds of shows a year for those seeking more interesting entertainment.

For clubs, XS nightclub is known for attracting big name DJs and offers the chance to see celebrities on the dance floor and among the opulent décor.

Finally, for bars, the High Roller wheel offers an in wheel bar known as “Open Bar in the Sky.”