Top Online English Classes

Top Online English Classes
Want to learn English but don’t have the time to attend physical classes, or simply prefer online learning but don’t know where to go? Here are 5 of the best online English programs to help you decide where your journey to learning another language begins.

1. Open Learning

This a great place to start learning English. Many of the courses offered here are free, though some do cost out of pocket. Also, the courses differ greatly in difficulty and are taught by a mixture of casual and professional educators. There are no requirements to be accepted, anybody can sign up and start using the site at no cost.

2. Udemy

Another great site that’s free to start using is Udemy. Here, some more prominent as well as lesser known universities teach courses on English and other subjects. In fact, there are over 25,000 courses at this point, with many being free to enroll in. Most of these use visual cues and videos to teach, followed by quizzes to make sure the material is understood.

3. Coursera

Set your own learning pace with this site, which sets it apart from many others. In addition, they have peer graded assignments. This means you both grade and are graded by others in your ‘class’. It’s also free to sign up for, and there are many different classes to choose from that teach English.

4. World Education University

Somewhat like Coursera, the World Education University offers a learn at your own speed class style. However, it makes you do refresher work if you aren’t active within a 45 day period. They pride themselves in all college level classes, so this may be better to learn English with if you already have a concept of the basics. In addition, they are attempting to become a recognized university, meaning they may one day be able to issue bona fide degrees for completing coursework.

5. Saylor

Probably the most advanced on our list, Saylor is for those with a serious desire to learn English. Though it’s not hard, it does require completing coursework similar to a college class. In fact, some of the courses offered actually do provide college credit once completed. These cost a small fee, but are much cheaper than a physical university.