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Top Online Shop to Buy Contact Lenses

Top Online Shop to Buy Contact Lenses
Finding the correct contact lens to correct your visual defect can be a strenuous task especially when shopping physically moving from store to store. However, this strenuous shopping can be averted with a click of a button through online shopping which also saves your time and money. Nevertheless, it is important to note that unlike buying other commodities from online retailers, buying contact lenses that will go into your eyes is a lot more different. Contact lenses are medical devices that require a doctor’s prescription and wearing the wrong type of lenses can permanently damage your eyes.

Additionally, before buying contact lenses online, it is crucial to get your eyes checked by an optometrist to update your prescription along with establishing the type and size of your lenses that will best match your visual needs. Here are some of the best online shops to buy contact lenses.

AC Lens

With over 40 different brands of contact lenses, AC Lens offers you a wide variety of lenses to choose from. Therefore, whether you looking for a very precise type of lens or something customizable such as the Halloween-themed lenses, AC lens will come in handy for you. The prices are also more affordable compared to other online shops. Customer satisfaction has also been considered with discounts on the majority of the purchases along with automatic refill subscription on signing up. Some downside of this online shop includes a long delivery time (close to a week) and paid shipping for orders below $99. All in all, AC Lens ensures quality for value with high-quality contact lenses at affordable prices.


Coastal stocks a variety of contact lenses ranging from brand-name eyeglasses and sunglasses to rare brands such as RGP contact lenses.  Although the prices are quite expensive, Coastal offers a wide selection of contact lenses with free shipping on every order within the United States. Customer interaction has been enhanced by a well-designed website that offers real-time interaction via a live chat option. Price-match with other authorized online shops guarantees customers value for their money. One shortcoming of Coastal, however, is that they do not stock colored and toric lenses in addition to not offering eye drops solutions. With over 33 brands to choose from, you will indeed find the lenses you have been looking for at coastal.

In conclusion, there are numerous contact lenses online retailers with the mentioned above offering a wide variety and affordability. While there are so many options, it is important to purchase contact lenses based on your visual needs or doctor’s prescription.