Visiting the North of Italy from Milan

Visiting the North of Italy from Milan
From glacial lakes and Alpine mountains to the sunny shorelines of the Adriatic and Riviera, Northern Italy's geographical diversity is its most remarkable characteristic. Nestled within the landscapes and cities of the region are various cultural treasures and culinary pleasures.

Actually, Northern Italy encompasses the wealthiest provinces and it's a premier destination when it comes to upscale shopping and luxury resorts.

Whether you're dining on world-class cuisine or exploring prehistoric cathedrals, castles, and churches, the region provides all the unforgettable travel experiences you seek from a holiday in Italy. Here's a list of places you must visit in North Italy.


This is one of Italy's largest cities and it's renowned for its history, culture, economy, and a plethora of high-end shopping outlets. The vast metropolis boasts sublime architecture and various historical buildings that have played a significant role in shaping Italy.

Notable sites comprise the incredible gothic Duomo with its elaborate fa├žade and stunning stained glass windows. You'll also find the Sforzesco castle with its large gardens and grounds as well as the Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology.

Cinque Terre

This is one of Italy's most beautiful areas and your visit to one of these villages: Manarola, Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Corniglia, and Monterosso will confirm this. You'll find the towns constructed on steep hills and on top of high cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean.

Bear in mind that most towns are only accessible by train and your shoes must be comfortable because vehicles aren't permitted in the older segments of these towns.


Although a financial powerhouse and one of Italy's main industrial centers, Turin still maintains much of its charm, history, and has an amazing number of attractions and sites. You can explore great sites such as the Palazzo Madama, Palazzo Reale, and the dominant Moe Antonelliana and San Giovanni Cathedral. Make sure you visit the fascinating Egyptian museum, which features the fabled Turin.

You'll find that the city has something for everybody-from museums and shopping to sight-seeing.