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What Are The Samsung Note 9 Features?

What Are The Samsung Note 9 Features?
Samsung’s new releases always mean great phones with all of the latest available tech. So what can you expect from the new Note 9 phone? We reveal the Samsung Note 9 specs and features:

Samsung Note 9 Specs & Features

A massive battery, huge amount of RAM and more. Here are the key components of the Samsung Note 9:

  • 6.4″ Display

  • 128 GB Storage

  • 12 MP Camera

  • 6 GB Ram

The Note 9 also comes with an iris scanner and has a fingerprint sensor for added security. As most Samsung phone it's water resistant, comes with the lastest Android operating system and has a quick charging functionality.

Improved Battery Life

Battery life can be a crucial issue when considering a new phone. The Samsung Note 9 has the most powerful battery Samsung has ever provided and moderate usage will make your battery last for the whole day. You can connect the Note 9 via HDMI or USB, so it’s great for business use and you can still answer calls or play games while your phone is connected to a big screen.

Camera Features of The Note 9

The enhanced camera of the Note 9 will detect flaws in images you’ve snapped and there are loads of new effects and emojis on offer. You can also record videos in slow motion.

More Samsung Note 9 Features

Samsung has enhanced productivity features by enabling Bluetooth to be used with the S-Pen. You can create powerpoint presentations and use the stylus as a clicker. The Samsung Note 9 also runs 33% faster than the Note 8, which is a huge improvement on speed.


It’s clear that the Samsung Note 9 has some amazing upgrades compared to the Note 8. The inbuilt support along with the new S-Pen make it a great production tool. If you are looking for a functional device that offers a supreme level of professional features the Samsung Note 9 is for you.