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What does EMR software do?

What does EMR software do?
EMR stands for Electronic Medical Record, a software used by physicians to store patient information like demographics, immunization stratus, allergies, radiology images, personal statistics, test results and medical history electronically.

Using this software helps keep information readily available and safe. Other advantages  of this software  are accuracy in data storage, legibility, and as well, there is no risk of replication of  information. EMR software features technical  abilities to track prescriptions  and outcomes like blood pressure, track orders, reports and results, ease billing systems, digital formatting to enable sharing data/ information over various secure networks  and decision support- activate warnings and reminders related to patient care. The software  is also beneficial  in analysing patient information and effectively  predicting  possible  outcomes.

There are  several types EMR software in regards to their application and functions. These are;

  1. Cloud based EMR software- Can be operated from remote locations to access patient

  2. ONC certified EMR software.

  3. Mac EMR software are compatible with Apple

  4. Medical billing software

  5. Behavioural or mental health EMR software.

  6. Physician hosted system- hosted in the physician's servers.