What is a 360 performance review?

What is a 360 performance review?
The 360 performance review is an expert input opportunity that empowers a gathering of colleagues to give criticism on a worker's execution. The criticism is by and large requested by the administrator to whom the representative reports. Employees who take an interest in the 360 audit generally incorporate the supervisor, a few companions, reporting staff, and utilitarian administrators with whom the worker works routinely. The following section highlights the main benefits of the 360 performance review, as well as the associated demerits.

Benefits of 360 performance review

The method brings employees together – the approach incorporates all sorts of employees, including senior management and thus it is an opportunity to bring the employees together and thus air their views.

Development opportunities are easily identified – the received feedback is diverse and thus helps the concerned employee(s) to develop.

Adheres to the core competencies – the method is flexible to adhere to the company’s core competencies

Disadvantages of the 360 performance review

Inadequate feedback – the time constraints the ability of the many role players to efficiently air their views, resulting in inadequate feedback.

Poor leadership – the presence of the senior management personnel can demean the lower level staff not to air their honest reviews. This is because whatever the managers say is followed without questioning in many cases