What To Do After Associate Degree?

What To Do After Associate Degree?
So you’ve got your undergraduate degree. You’re proud of yourself for having come so far. But you just don’t feel like everything is complete. A masters degree can help make you feel satisfied with your education, as well as land you the dream job you always wanted. We’re about to discuss the current top paying graduate degrees!

1. Biomedical engineering

This specialized field is highly sought after, and that’s just one of the reasons it comes with an impressive salary. Essentially, the whole basis of it revolves around designing and actually creating top of the line professional medical equipment to be used in the healthcare industry. According to sites like Payscale, this degree will earn you about 70k a year to begin with. After some experience and acquired knowledge in the field, that number can nearly double. Some companies that look for such degrees are GE Healthcare, Merck, and others.

2. Computer Science and Physics

Though totally separate subjects, they’re both equally great degrees to have. Technology is only becoming bigger and bigger, so computer science is an ever increasing field as well. Not everyone is cut out for coding and web design, etc. However, if you can hack it, the career path can be very rewarding, as it has one of the highest beginning salaries at an average of 86k per year. Physics is just as great, with a starting median salary of 68k annually. Much like biomedical engineering, with time and experience the starting salary can nearly double, bringing the mid-life total of all 3 degrees mentioned to the 120k range.

3. Statistics, Corporate Finance,and General and Strategic Management

These are all runner up degrees that can land you an excellent career job. These fields are not necessarily as in demand as the others, though the pay is very comparable. Truthfully though, you can’t go wrong with any masters degree, whatever it may be in.