What to pack for a beach vacation?

What to pack for a beach vacation?
If you are heading to the beach this summer or fall, you might be wondering what you should take. We've prepared a nice guide for anyone heading out to the beach for the first time.

Your swimming clothes, sunscreen, sturdy shoes for after you are done swimming, a large towel, something to keep your drinks cool, light clothing that will allow you to participate in sports, a few nice outfits for going to dinner, at least one set of clothes for a rainy day, a sweatshirt, undergarments, and anything you use in your day to day life.

Generally you should be able to fit all of these things in a small bag if you pick items that fulfill multiple purposes and are not bulky. Don't worry too much about bringing things like inflatable toys, anything that will be heavy or you wouldn't want to carry after 20 minutes, and anything that might be able to get ruined. You also will want to leave your jewelery and expensive watches at home.

Remember you are going on a vacation and that the climate near the beach will generally dictate how comfortable you are. Remember to relax and that most beach areas will have stores with area appropriate clothing and other items if you forget something at home.