What's the best way to invest $1000?

What's the best way to invest $1000?
1000 dollars may not sound like a great amount of money but you can't even imagine how many things you can do with a sum like that. Here are some ideas.

Certificate of deposit

First of all you can invest 1000 dollars buying a certificate of deposit. Today, it is not great as it was before but you can get 1.5% or even 2%. The only disadvantage is that you can't use it until it matures.


Another idea is to buy things from local charities and sell them on eBay or other shops online. If you are good at recognizing antiques, you could buy rare things such as bric-a-brac, small jewels or pottery. Their value could even be much more than double and if you are clever your 1000 dollars can become at least 3000!

Set a small business

With 1000 dollars in your hands, you can become very rich. How? Set a small business buying materials such as ingredients to make some face creams or lip balms, pay the fee to register your name and logo and then you can start selling. If your business will be successful, you are rich.


You can invest in your future too. With 1000 dollars you can't buy a degree but you can buy a course somewhere, even online, and with the skills you learn you can improve your career. In this way, you can find a good job and start your new life.

Although 1000 dollars might not sound like a lot, it might be enough to change your life.