When are Caribbean vacations the cheapest?

When are Caribbean vacations the cheapest?
Saving money and still getting a bit of Vitamin D don’t have to be mutually exclusive anymore. There are tons of ways to save on a trip to the Caribbean and we’ve rounded up a few of the best for you here:

Pick the right day to fly

It might sound simple, but the difference between flying out and back on a Tuesday versus a Thursday could save you the equivalent of a good meal out. Shop around and look at different arrival and return dates with various airlines. Word on the street is its cheapest to fly in on a Tuesday and out on a Wednesday!

Consider the off-season

Most Americans look to travel to the Caribbean during winter months when sunshine in The States is in scarcest supply. But if you’re flexible with your holiday dates, you can set some extra cash aside for a few more mojitos on the beach. Flights and accommodation costs decrease significantly between April and December when airlines and hotels are looking to fill seats and rooms in the low-season. A word of advice though – double check your travel insurance particulars in case of hurricanes!

Get on board a cruise ship

If you are happy to leave dates and destinations up to fate, a last-minute cruise package could float your boat nicely. The official hurricane season runs June 1st – November 30th but if you’re game enough to test the waters, you can get super-discounted deals on board a Caribbean cruise ship around the end of October and just before Thanksgiving in November. Itineraries at these times can vary if the ship needs to change course to avoid inclement weather, but once you’re out of the storm’s path, its sunny skies and smooth sailing.