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Why consider a private cloud?

Why consider a private cloud?
Cloud solutions are part of today's fast-paced business environments, and your company might already use cloud computing, but is it a private cloud?

What is a Private Cloud?

A private cloud is a network layout designed for single organization use. It means that resources are centralized within the organization or in the nearby network provider center. Unlike in public cloud computing where several organizations access one centralized service, resources are accessed privately here.

The Advantages of a Private Cloud

So why might a private cloud make more sense for your business? The first advantage is security, as most of the infrastructure layout is within the organization. Therefore the organization doesn't have to worry about physical security and is not at risk of online security breaches since the servers are only be accessed by them.

Another advantage is reliability. Private clouds are very reliable. But in case of mechanical breakdowns repairs are a lot faster, as the organization itself has its technical team that can take care of issues.

Private Clouds are also very customizable. Each organization has different preferences based on technical and business needs. As the resources of a private cloud are at the disposal of the cloud’s owner, they are very scalable.

Because of these advantages many organizations prefer private cloud solutions. Their mode of privacy and security is highly advanced. They are very well suited for organizations that have diverse infrastructure needs.